We produce a wide range of ceramic enamel printed pottery bone china mugs, plates, beer pump handles


Printed mugs for schools
A range of mugs all printed with school badges, crests, and artwork illustrations class names and individual names

PRINTED MUGS FOR SCHOOLS - NURSERY - PRIMARY - PREP SCHOOLS - SECONDARY AND ACADEMY SCHOOLS - FURTHER EDUCATION - UNIVERSITIES - COLLEGES - FOR EVENTS - ANNIVERSARIES - COMMEMORATIONS - PRIZES - AWARDS - SCHOOL TRIPS - SPORTS DAYS - SCHOOL ANNIVERSARIES -  and special events and occasions, end of year leavers' presents, classroom and school merit awards, PTA FUNDRAISING, sports presentations and prizes, school corporate identity and publicity, school closing mementoes, foreign exchange visit gifts, school business enterprise projects as well as university and college presentations. Printing can be single colour, up to 5 spot colours as well as full colour process ceramic enamel, for reproducing paintings, hand drawings and photographs. 

Also screen printed using 22ct gold or platinum & limited edition numbering. 

Prices - we can quote once we know which style of mug you would like to use, the quantity required and have sight of the artwork files and pictures.

All of our work is produced in house using our artwork design suite, workshop production area with kilns, together with many years of experience in the ceramics industry all to produce ceramics of the highest quality.

Bone china mugs for schools

A range of bone china with seven shapes all printed with school badges, crests, artwork illustrations, class names and individual names

Bone china mugs, seven shapes and sizes are available. 

To see the full range visit the Mug styles & shapes page click the button below.

We provide


Top quality mugs in white stoneware & bone china

A wide range of mug shapes & styles

Friendly & helpful advice for creative artwork & ordering

Value for money prices

Delivery in the UK

We also produce presentation, commemorative & anniversary plates

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Additions to your  mugs

Both the standard mugs and bone china mugs can also be decorated in a variety of ways, front only, front and back, complete wrap around image, or with printing on the back in the form of historical or informative text, individual names and limited edition numbering on the base. 22 carat gold or platinum silver line banding on the top rim being an additional option.

Artwork can be in the form of hand drawings to computer artwork and photos. Black and white, sepia or colour photographs can also be reproduced, ceramic enamel print in spot screen printed colour or 300 dots per inch 4 colour process. 

We can also offer a comprehensive and competitive artwork service.

Print positions on  mugs

For both white standard mugs and bone china

print positions on mugs

Back stamp logos

on the base of mugs

Text strap lines or logos on the inside top rim

Print in the bottom 

of a mug

Print on the handle


For both white standard mugs and bone china, adding special details to the mug base, from limited edition numbering to artwork acknowledgements, school texts and information as well as images.

Types of ceramic enamel printing

300dpi 4 colour process enamel printing and spot colour printing for both white standard 

mugs and bone china

child artist mug picture

Two examples of 300dpi laser ceramic enamel prints

We have two methods of printing, spot colour screen printing and 300dpi full colour process laser enamel printing using a dot matrix of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black. This type of printing is high resolution and is ideal for paintings drawings and photographic artwork and very fine print details. 

Screen printed spot colour enamels are great for solid areas and line artwork, printing 22 ct gold and platinum silver. Spot colours are mixed specially to match a particular shade as closely as possible. 

Full colour laser enamel printing and spot colour printing are both matched to the original artwork as close as the processes and materials allow.

child artist mug picture
bone china mug with school badge print

Two examples of screen printed spot colour prints

bone china mug with school logo

Gold & Platinum edge banding

bone china mug with gold print
bone china mug with platinum print

Examples of screen printed 22 carat gold and platinum silver metallic.

Click on the black arrows bottom left of 

each image to enlarge to see more detail.

Gold & Platinum mug screen printing

mug with gold rim
mug with platinum rim

22 carat gold or platinum silver banding can be painted on to the top rims of mugs.

22ct gold rim on a bone china mug

Mugs with individual names for events & motivational awards

Click the arrows icon bottom right of each image to enlarge.

school mug with names
school anniversary mug
school mug  prize with message
school leavers mug with message

Names lists and individual names can be printed on the mug back, or incorporated in to the artwork, text and logo - you can easily design your own.

Artwork examples

Artwotk layout for a school anniversary mug print
Mug print example for a school

Mug wraparound artwork using children’s drawings

Mug artwork from a class recycling awareness project

Cartoon mug print for Great Ormond Street Hospital by quentin blake
Artwork example for a mug print for St Mary's Hall

Mug wraparound artwork by Quentin Blake

Mug artwork for mug front and back with 300dpi fine prints in dense black

Pen & ink drawings for school mug with commemorative text

Descriptive texts with artwork layouts

Class year names list and badge printed on a school mug

Mug artwork example with different logo print front and back and text panel opposite the handle

Mug artwork example school badge on front and year end leavers class list on the reverse

Download the artwork layout sheet showing how to design school 

mug artwork as a class project.



school mugs with childres's class drawings

Download the sheet showing how to set about a class project

We can print up to 40 faces with pupil’s and teacher’s names on the mug print area wrapped around the mug. 

Encourage the use of solid lines, since these will scan the best when the artwork is being prepared. A black felt medium tip pen is best for drawing. The writing needs to be clear and open as the letters a, b, d, e, g, o, p and q, block in very easily when reduced in size, as you will see from the examples and also please ensure that each letter " i " is dotted and that lettering is not “bunched” up. Following these guide lines will help to keep re-touching and re-drawing the artwork and lettering to a minimum. Send the pictures to us 1 face and 1 name per sheet of A4 paper for scanning and we will arrange them and reduce them in size to fit the mug. The pictures can be posted back to you if requested to do so.

Like a quote? Like to proceed with an order ? Send us your artwork


Click the mug styles and shapes button below, choose a mug and quote the letter code below each mug on that page and stating the quantity required. 

Our usual minimum order is 54 mugs.

We can supply a quantity as few as 36 mugs.

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Artwork: Please supply computer compatible files - email artwork examples - phone if further advice is required.

For spot colour and 4 colour process file types include: .pdf or .eps (with fonts as paths or outlines) Illustrator .ai, InDesign or Word, include Pantone spot colour references.

For 4 colour process supply hi res 350 - 400 pixels per inch .jpg or .tif files that can be 

opened in Photoshop. If these are larger than 4mb then send using DropBox, WeTransfer, Filemail or similar FTP File Transfer Protocol providers, who can accommodate attached larger files than most emails can handle.

Dropbox image for your file transfers
wetransfer image for your file transfers
filemail image for your file transfers

For more detailed information on artwork submission and quoting click the Quotes & Ordering button top right of this page. Most mugs and designs require some talking through, so don’t forget that for any additional information you can phone and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

 +44 (0) 7970 060124 (UK)

email enquiry: click the orange button

Mug print area guides

If you are preparing your own designs and need the print area guides in order to size your artwork, click the above buttons to download the print area for the 

appropriate mug you would like to be printed. 

These print area guides are only suitable for cylindrical mugs. 

The .pdf files also contain the circle area for the back stamp.

BCTKD mug print area


Mugs parcels to be despatched by FedEx
4 inch cube flat pack mug packaging boxes
Mug boxes made up for packaging

Flat pack mug boxes. 

These 4”cubes fit our standard stoneware mug and the bone china BML mug only.

Mugs in boxes ready for despatch on a pallet

Despatch is by FedEx for parcels or Griffins/Palletline for larger quantities and you can also collect your order from our studio.

All ceramic enamel spot colours are specially mixed and matched as closely as possible to colour samples or Pantone spot colour references.

The glass enamels used for ceramic printing on mugs are based on metal oxides in a glassy matrix and are not organic dyes as like paper printing inks.

The main advantage of these glass enamels is that the colours never fade, and they are microwave and dishwasher proof.

Ceramic enamel printing is kiln fired to 850˚C, and is colour fade resistant, and durable.

Mixing spot colour enamels for mug printing


One recent student’s design which may inspire you!