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Printed promotional mugs for business sports and clubs
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We can also print on colour glazed mugs.

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Cost effective, attractive and hardwearing mugs in a contemporary design with elegant handle which can be printed with spot colour or 4 colour process ceramic enamels. The mugs pictured are our CMB stoneware mug style, but there are other shapes to choose from.

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Other options apart from the print on the outside of the mugs include:

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Examples of 300 dpi 4 colour process mug printing

22 ct metallic gold and platinum silver printing on a black glazed mug


All ceramic enamel spot colours are specially mixed and matched as closely as possible to colour samples or Pantone spot colour references.

The glass enamels used for ceramic printing on mugs are based on metal oxides in a glassy matrix and are not organic dyes as are paper printing inks.
The main advantage of these glass enamels is that their colours never fade, and they are microwave and dishwasher proof. However some colours from the Pantone range such as Pantone process green and magenta and also some purples have no exact ceramic enamel match equivalents, and have to be approximated to the nearest shade available.

Apart from these areas of colour, a huge range of colours and shades is available.

Spot colour matching

Mug boxes with printed promotional mugs

Printed mugs for business promotion and presentations, for clubs and events, trade fairs and all kinds of publicity
where the printed mug will promote your corporate name.

Printed mug box packaging

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Mug boxes

Supplied as flatpacks, these 4" corrugated card boxes have a light brown interior and white exterior. If using for postage, additional 10mm bubblewrap is recommended as packing around the mug.


Printed mugs are despatched by parcel and pallet


Examples of 22 ct metallic gold lustre
and platinum silver lustre